I use AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate for video caching but the video plays after it will be fully downloaded. I add KVO observer to loadedTimeRanges property:

[self.player.currentItem addObserver:self

Check ranges and start playing:

- (void)checkRanges {
  if (self.player.currentItem.asset) {
    CMTimeRange loadedTimeRange = 
    [[self.player.currentItem.loadedTimeRanges firstObject] CMTimeRangeValue];
    Float64 videoDuration = CMTimeGetSeconds(self.player.currentItem.asset.duration);
    Float64 buffered = CMTimeGetSeconds(loadedTimeRange.duration);
    Float64 percent = buffered / videoDuration;
    if (percent > 0.2) {
      [self.player play];

But notifications aren't working, for some reason, I get a notification when the video is almost downloaded. Video downloading is implemented by using AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate that allow use cache within video playing. The downloading is initialized in the method AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate:

func resourceLoader(_ resourceLoader: AVAssetResourceLoader,
                  shouldWaitForLoadingOfRequestedResource loadingRequest: AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest) -> Bool {
 if let resourceURL = loadingRequest.request.url, resourceURL.isVCSVideoScheme(),
   let originalURL = resourceURL.vcsRemoteVideoURL() {
   let assetLoader: VideoAssetLoader
   if let loader = assetLoaderForRequest(loadingRequest) {
     assetLoader = loader
   } else {
     assetLoader = VideoAssetLoader(url: originalURL)
     assetLoader.delegate = self
     assetLoaders[keyForAssetLoaderWithURL(resourceURL)] = assetLoader
   return true
 return false

VideoAssetLoader receives a HEAD request with file information and then updates AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest:

private func fillInContentInformation(_ contentInformationRequest: AVAssetResourceLoadingContentInformationRequest?) {
  guard let contentInformationRequest = contentInformationRequest,
    let contentInformation = self.contentInformation else {
  contentInformationRequest.isByteRangeAccessSupported = contentInformation.byteRangeAccessSupported
  contentInformationRequest.contentType = contentInformation.contentType
  contentInformationRequest.contentLength = Int64(contentInformation.contentLength)

Then VideoAssetLoader downloads requested range of bytes and then updates AVAssetResourceLoadingDataRequest:

private func processPendingRequests() {
  for request in pendingRequests {
    let didRespondCompletely = respondWithDataForRequest(request.dataRequest)
    if didRespondCompletely {
  pendingRequests = pendingRequests.filter({ !$0.isFinished })

private func respondWithDataForRequest(_ dataRequest: AVAssetResourceLoadingDataRequest?) -> Bool {
  guard let dataRequest = dataRequest, let downloadTask = videoDownloadTask else {
    return false
  var startOffset: UInt64 = UInt64(dataRequest.requestedOffset)
  if dataRequest.currentOffset != 0 {
    startOffset = UInt64(dataRequest.currentOffset)
  let numberOfBytesToRespondWith = UInt64(dataRequest.requestedLength)
  var didRespondFully = false
  if let data = downloadTask.readCachedDataWithOffset(startOffset, lenght: numberOfBytesToRespondWith) {
    dataRequest.respond(with: data)
    didRespondFully = data.count >= dataRequest.requestedLength
  return didRespondFully

Unfortunately, the video isn't playing while it won't be completely downloaded (AVAssetResourceLoadingRequest.finishLoading()), also not getting notification loadedTimeRanges.

Does anyone have experience with this to point me toward an area where I may be doing something wrong? Thanks!

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