I'm running Eclipse 3.5 with Tomcat (integrated from WTP) and I want to see the output logs in txt other than just the console

Cant find it in my eclipse/workspace nor in the local Tomcat 6 installation directory

Any clues how to enable these?

I've also enabled org.apache.catalina.valves.RequestDumperValve and the output scrolls by on console which I want to see in txt


In the Servers tab:

  1. Double-click on the Tomcat Server.
  2. Click on "Open launch configuration".
  3. Click on the "Common" tab.
  4. Check the "File" checkbox and specify a file.
  5. Restart the Tomcat server.

This is based on codesta's answer: https://stackoverflow.com/a/5045247/112335


Check you Eclipse installation dir - logs are sometimes hiding in there.

Hope this helps.

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    Yup - I've seen some in `Eclipse\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp0\logs` – JoseK Jan 4 '11 at 8:34
  • no, i checked that already as my question says. there is one access log but no error logs, and no requestdumper output in any log. On a Tomcat outside of Eclipse - this usually appears in the catalina log. – shinynewbike Jan 4 '11 at 8:47
  • @shiny - I'm not talking about your workspace; @JoseK is. I am asking if you checked where your Eclipse folder itself lives, there are often logs in both locations :) – javamonkey79 Jan 4 '11 at 8:51
ps aux | grep tomcat

Check for the value of -Dwtp.deploy Go to that directory and you will find logs folder, web-apps etc there.


It probably depends on your logger configuration and other technologies you use. They should be where other answers say they are but for me this was not the case. Finding them was a real PITA, but I found them on the same drive in which the Tomcat (or Eclipse ?) was running under:


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