**Android Virtual Device (AVD) can't start .all SDK package removed and re-install again but still same issue ,Intel atom-x86 package installed , additional driver used for Radeon G-Card , VT-X is enabled via Bios setup , Virtual device created using qvga and software graphic emulator , trying with all android platforms . Error Details : GUI --> Waiting for Target Device to Come Online terminal -->timeout after 300 seconds waiting for emulator to come online

Emulator SDK folder removed manual and installed again via SDK Manager, abd killed and started again , studio is running as a root ,

using ----> AMD-A8 16G RAM


Have you already tried the answer in this post? Running Android emulator on computer with AMD processor

This states that you have to use the armeabi ABI instead of the default x86 one since you're running on a AMD processor.

  • i'm using now Genymotion and it's working fine , but i need to run AVD – Ahmed Mansour Aug 28 '17 at 11:42
  • Ok, I also wanted to suggest it but didn't because Genymotion isn't free. However, have you tried using my suggestion from the provided link? – blackr0xx Aug 28 '17 at 13:10

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