In Yii2 I have a conditional validation in the model.php. When I write in the textfield something that doesn't pass the validation, it doesn't appear an error message after leaving the field. Only after a klick on create an error message appears. What do I have to make a message appears after writing something in a field.

['state', 'required', 'when' => function ($model) {
    return $model->country == 'USA';
}, 'whenClient' => "function (attribute, value) {
    return $('#country').val() == 'USA';

In your model:

 public function rules()
    return [
        ['state', 'required', 'targetClass' => '\backend\models\State', 
        'message' => 'Your message here'],

I am not sure that your model is in backend, so you can correct that as you want.

In Controller you have to create function like that:

public function actionValidation(){
    $model = new State();
    if(Yii::$app->request->isAjax && $model->load(Yii::$app->
        Yii::$app->response->format = 'json';
        return ActiveForm::validate($model);

An one more step, in your form on the beginning:

<?php $form = ActiveForm::begin(
                    'enableAjaxValidation' => true,
                    'validationUrl' => Url::toRoute('state/validation')
        ); ?>

Be careful, in code above I wrote 'state/validation', 'state' is name of controller where you put validation action.

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  • Thank you very much! – yii2__ Aug 30 '17 at 11:43

You should set enableAjaxValidation in ActiveForm

For example:

$form = ActiveForm::begin([
    'id' => 'contact-form',
    'enableAjaxValidation' => true,
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Maybe i have described the problem not so good so I try it again. The problem is that the conditional validation only works after a click on save/create.

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