I am trying to import a mysql database into a new version of xampp(v7.1.8). Upon pressing the import button I am receiving hundreds of this error messages:

Notice in .\vendor\phpmyadmin\sql-parser\src\UtfString.php#128 Uninitialized string offset: 516


.\vendor\phpmyadmin\sql-parser\src\Lexer.php#823: PhpMyAdmin\SqlParser\UtfString->offsetGet(integer 216) .\vendor\phpmyadmin\sql-parser\src\Lexer.php#228: PhpMyAdmin\SqlParser\Lexer->parseString() .\vendor\phpmyadmin\sql-parser\src\Lexer.php#182: PhpMyAdmin\SqlParser\Lexer->lex() .\vendor\phpmyadmin\sql-parser\src\Parser.php#336: PhpMyAdmin\SqlParser\Lexer->__construct( , boolean false, ) .\vendor\phpmyadmin\sql-parser\src\Utils\Query.php#395: PhpMyAdmin\SqlParser\Parser->__construct(string ) .\libraries\parse_analyze.lib.php#30: PhpMyAdmin\SqlParser\Utils\Query::getAll(string ) .\import.php#656: PMA_parseAnalyze( string , string 'where_to_go', )

If anybody can give me any advise, it would be greatly received.

  • Which XAMPP version? – Marc Delisle Aug 29 '17 at 13:06

This video should be helpfull:, it shows how to import file in phpMyAdmin with xampp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQSFOhaMss0

  • Hi, it is xampp for windows, 7.18 (1.32mb). Thank you. Regards Amanda – A. Wedgwood Aug 30 '17 at 7:23

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