I'm trying to make my React Native app accessible.

In native, when I have a Button, TalkBack says my content description, then the component type and then a hint like:

Double tap to activate.

How can I make Talkback read my React-Native button and place a hint like that?


There is a detailed page on react-native docs about Accessibility.

  • My code is like this: <TouchableNativeFeedback onPress={this.props.onPressInbox} accessibilityLabel={this.props.label} accessibilityTraits={['button']} accessibilityComponentType="button"> {...children} </TouchableNativeFeedback> But Talkback only reads: "My label, Button." It should read: "My label, Button. Double tap to activate." – Victor Carvalho Aug 28 '17 at 18:48
  • have you tried adding 'Double tab to activate' to accessibility Traits? <TouchableNativeFeedback onPress={this.props.onPressInbox} accessibilityLabel={this.props.label} accessibilityTraits={['button Double tab to activate']} accessibilityComponentType="button"> {...children} </TouchableNativeFeedback> – bennygenel Aug 28 '17 at 18:52

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