My *ngIf directive is being honored for bringing an element into the DOM, but not out of it. Using the code below, I can successfully call showGlobalDialog() from the Parent Component, but hideGlobalDialog() doesn't seem to work.

Child Component Template:

<div class="modal" *ngIf="isVisible === true">

Child Component:

public show(): void {
    this.isVisible = true;

public hide(): void {
    this.isVisible = false;

Parent Component Template:

<app-mycomponent #globalDialog>
        <button (click)="hideGlobalDialog()">Done</button>

Parent Component:

@ViewChild('globalDialog') globalDialog: MyComponent;

    private showGlobalDialog() {

    public hideGlobalDialog() {

Oddly enough, the DOM explorer in both Edge and Chrome show that the ngIf is correctly set to false:

on showGlobalDialog():

  "ng-reflect-ng-if": "true"

on hideGlobalDialog():

  "ng-reflect-ng-if": "false"

However, even with the above bindings comment, the elements are still visible. I don't want the element to exist in the DOM when 'isVisible' is false, so moving to [hidden] isn't an option.


A reboot of the web server ended up fixing the problem, and everything worked fine.

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