I'm trying to set some compiler optimization on a per-function function level for a C++Builder 10.2.1 source file and the BCC32c compiler (based on Clang 3.6).

So I have now a function, e.g.

std::string __OPTIMIZED ansi(const std::string& str_utf8);

where __OPTIMIZED is defined as

#define __OPTIMIZED __attribute__((optimize("-O3")))

which should be a Clang compatible syntax, but BCC32c always states

[bcc32c Warning] abcdefg.h(256): unknown attribute 'optimize' ignored

I'm now curious about...

  • What would be the right syntax for for optimization on a function level?
  • Is such an optimization even possible (and maybe also with the classic BCC32), too?

C++Builder does not support the optimize attribute.

The list of supported attributes is available in Embarcadero's DocWiki:

GNU Attributes

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