I found a question in a quiz is "Which UIKit protocol contains the method –tableView:heightForRowAtIndexPath:?"

without taking any load the protocol comes in my mind was UITableViewDataSource. But when I checked apple developer documentation, I found I was wrong. UITableViewDelegate is the protocol who contain that method.

Before that I understood was that these height methods are part of Datasource protocol.

Is there any specific reason of placing them in UITableViewDelegate instead of UITableViewDataSource ?

Why following function are placed in UITableViewDelegate

  • heightForRowAt indexPath
  • heightForHeaderInSection
  • heightForFooterInSection

and Why following function are placed in UITableViewDataSource

  • numberOfSectionsInTableView
  • numberOfRowsInSection

Before now I thought these are similar type of function so these methods must be placed in same protocol.

Please make this clear to me.

Thanks in advance


UITableViewDelegate means you provide answers to requests about the layout of the table and about actions the user performs on the tableview.

UITableViewDatasource means you provide data for the sections and rows of a table and you act on messages that change a table's data.

For more in details, Check DataSource and Delegate


numberOfSectionsInTableView and numberOfRowsInSection are functions that answer questions about the data to be displayed which is why they are to be found in the DataSource protocol.

The heightFor... functions don’t answer anything about the underlying data but only on the way the data is displayed. This is why they are part of the Delegate protocol.

Does that make sense to you?


The datasource supplies the data, the delegate supplies the behavior.

In MVC, datasource is in the model layer and the delegate is in the control layer.

Actually, on second thought, the datasource is usually controller that is lower down, closer to the model. I don't think I've ever used a model object as my datasource.


The UI prospects of the UITableView are provided by the UITableViewDelgate methods and the data (we are not talking about the data to be used inside the cell, just the information about UI (section, row, etc.) repetitions) needed to construct the UI is provided by UITableViewDataSource methods.

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