Is there any possibility to find out if the DeepL translator offers an API for the translation? Unfortunately I haven't found any information on this.

Would like to implement this to an Excel script for auto translation. I've already tried it with Google (like https://translate.google.com/#en/es/Hello%20World) but DeepL seems more accurate.

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    An API will come in few months. See the press release: deepl.com/press.html – clemens Aug 29 '17 at 11:34
  • @macmoonshine this is great, thank you for the information – dontbyteme Aug 31 '17 at 6:50
  • @dontbyteme The quality of these machine-learning based services improve over time, as the model's training progresses. You may try again Google's feature and see if there is a difference. It may be worthwhile checking the excellent answer by Nicholas to the "How can I use Google Translate API to Translate text in Microsoft Excel" question: stackoverflow.com/questions/41671778/… – George Sep 1 '17 at 14:53

There is a POST call that allows you get the translations, I don't know how many time this will be supported or it's times limitations but here it is:

Url: https://www.deepl.com/jsonrpc

You should make a POST call with the next json:

        'jsonrpc': '2.0',
        'method': 'LMT_handle_jobs',
        'params': {
            'jobs': [
                    'raw_en_sentence': TEXT_TO_TRANSLATE
            'lang': {
                'user_preferred_langs': [
                'source_lang_user_selected': FROM_LANGUAGE,
                'target_lang': TO_LANGUAGE
            'priority': -1

The available languages are:

auto  Auto detect
DE    German
EN    English
FR    French
ES    Spanish
IT    Italian
NL    Dutch
PL    Polish

TO_LANGUAGE must be a valid language and FROM_LANGUAGE can be a valid language or auto

I wrote a python module that wraps this API: pydeepl There are currently also a node package and a php client that accomplish the same goal.

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    Thanks for this great insights. :) - The node-package is cool but has too many dependencies for my taste. I have come across another much leaner package. deepl-translator – Dave Gööck Sep 13 '17 at 21:22
  • Is this still working? Getting a 403 all the time. – Mike Dec 27 '18 at 20:06

The REST API is finally (commercially) available, see the API reference documentation.

A sample request would be


where XXX is the authentication key you need to register with DeepL.

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    DeepL released the registration today. – clemens Mar 20 '18 at 7:22

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