I follow the following command to install Gluu Server on Ubuntu:

1.Add Gluu Repository
# echo "deb https://repo.gluu.org/ubuntu/ xenial main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gluu-repo.list
2.Add Gluu GPG Key
# curl https://repo.gluu.org/ubuntu/gluu-apt.key | apt-key add -
3.Update/Clean Repo
# apt-get update
4.Install Gluu Server
# apt-get install gluu-server-3.0.1
5.Start the Gluu Server and Login
# service gluu-server-3.0.1 start
# service gluu-server-3.0.1 login
6.Run setup.py # cd /install/community-edition-setup


I format The System and reinstall step by step as per gluu doc(https://gluu.org/docs/ce/3.0.2/installation-guide/install/). Now it's working.


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