How can I add the actual date to the file name of a JMeter csv result file while running the test in command line mode? E.g.

jmeter -n -t ~/tests/TP_Login_api.jmx -Jusers=12 -Jhost=devops1 -Juser_file=users_max.csv -Jaccount=max -l /results/results_TP_Login_api_${__time(yyyyMMdd-HHmmss)}.csv -e -o/results/report/TP_Login_api

Any ideas how dto achieve that?

  • Linux or windows? – user7294900 Aug 30 '17 at 15:22

In batch you need to work with batch syntax. For Bsh use:

 NOW=$(date +"%m-%d-%Y")
 jmeter -n -t ~/tests/TP_Login_api.jmx -Jusers=12 -Jhost=devops1 -Juser_file=users_max.csv -Jaccount=max -l /results/results_TP_Login_api_$NOW.csv -e -o/results/report/TP_Login_api

For windows see date.

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