I have a blurred view which overlays other views.

UIVisualEffectView is not appropriate because it is disabled when user sets Accessibility >> Reduce transparency.

Could you suggest how to show this blur always independently from the device settings? Both UIVisualEffectView and custom control are applicable. And both swift and objC solutions are applicable


You can prevent Acessibility from applying to a view by using:

self.accessibilityElementsHidden = YES;

This being said, you shouldn't go against Human Interface Guidelines. There is a good reason why accessibility features exist.

Human Interface Guidelines - Accessibility

Here are some excerpts from Apple's App Store Review Guidelines to explain.

10.1 Apps must comply with all terms and conditions explained in the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines

10.3 Apps that do not use system provided items, such as buttons and icons, correctly and as described in the Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines may be rejected

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