I have a external DLL with my classes and I would like to make the query depending on the type. I explain better.

I get the type with the function GetType:

Type targetType = Type.GetType("...");

If there is any way to make a select like this:


Assuming that _context is my DBContext.


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  • I'm pretty sure that like statement is what you want _context.Set(typeof(targetType)).ToList() – johnny 5 Aug 30 '17 at 15:57

Indeed there is:

var method = typeof(DbContext).GetMethod("Set").MakeGenericMethod(targetType);
var query = method.Invoke(ctx, null) as IQueryable;
var list = query.OfType<object>().ToList();
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Well i did something like that.
Here is an example

Public class repository: dbcontext
 public IDbset<car> Cras {get;  set;} 

Public IQueryable<T> Get<T>()
return this.gettype().getproberties().find(x=>.  x.propertytype== typeof(T)). Getvalue(this)  as IQueryable<T>;

Hop this get you started. Writen from moble :)

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