Getting this error during "make" in mpich

GEN      lib/libmpi.la
libtool: error: only absolute run-paths are allowed

Compiler being used is clang (the code builds fine with gcc). Any idea what this error could be due to? Here is the configure command:

./configure '--prefix=$PWD/BIN' '--with-device=ch3:nemesis:mxm' '--with-mxm=/home/xyz/software/hpcx-v1.9.5-gcc-inbox-redhat7.3-x86_64/mxm' '--disable-spawn' '--disable-ft-tests' '--enable-g=all' '--enable-nemesis-dbg-localoddeven' '--enable-large-tests' '--disable-perftest' 'CC=clang' 'CXX=clang++' 'FC=gfortran' 'F77=gfortran' --cache-file=/dev/null --disable-fortran

I think the issue is the evaluation of $PWD within the quotes. If you replace

./configure '--prefix=$PWD/BIN' ...


./configure --prefix=$PWD/BIN ...

you should be good.


I ran into this error as well when building a different piece of software. The solution for me was to enclose the shell variable in --prefix= with {}:

./configure --prefix=${PWD}/BIN

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