I would like to create azure container with resource group and cluster of specific Orchestrator Kubernetes cluster.

I know by using CLI its possible but I want to do this using Azure Rest API's for Container service from link given here


Registered my app in AAD and gave required permissions.

Got access token and making request to below api as per link

PUT management.azure.com/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{resourceGroupName}/providers/Microsoft.ContainerService/containerServices/{containerServiceName}?api-version=2017-01-31 but I am getting error as

"error":  {
"code": "InvalidResource"
"message": "The resource definition is invalid."

I understand we get this error when there is nothing in request body.

So my real question here is if I want to create container service with resource group and cluster using API request.

Request Body

  "id": "myCluster",
  "name": "myCluster",
  "type": "Microsoft.ContainerService/containerServices",
  "location": "southindia",
  "tags": {
    "tag": "test"
  "properties": {
     "orchestratorProfile": {
      "orchestratorType": "Kubernetes"
    "servicePrincipalProfile": {
      "clientId": "<clientid>,
      "secret": "<secret>"
    "masterProfile": {
      "count": 1,
      "dnsPrefix": "testabc"
    "agentPoolProfiles": {
      "name": "agentPool1234",
      "count": 2,
      "vmSize": "Standard_A1",
      "dnsPrefix": "testabcagents"
    "linuxProfile": {
      "adminUsername": "kubeadmin",
      "ssh": {
        "publicKeys": [
            "keyData": "sshkey"

Response getting

    "code": "BadRequest",
    "message": "An error has occurred in subscription <subscriptionid>, resourceGroup: tobeDeletedResourceGroup request: OrchestratorType has unknown orchestrator: ."

Please help me out on this

  • your put body is invalid – 4c74356b41 Aug 31 '17 at 18:39
  • @4c74356b41 I am getting same error for any orchestrator like Swarm, DCOS, or Custom – Bhushan Gholave Sep 1 '17 at 5:54
  • @4c74356b41 what wrong things you see in PUT body. will you please elaborate bit please? or if you have sample PUT body please provide me... – Bhushan Gholave Sep 1 '17 at 7:01

Two things are missing from Azure REST API documentation. 1) It requires version of orchestratorRelease with orchestratorType like this. "orchestratorProfile": { "orchestratorType": "Kubernetes", "orchestratorRelease": "1.7" } 2) Next error i got about missing vmSize in Properties.MasterProfile.VMSize. So I have added following updates to json

"masterProfile": { "count": 1, "dnsPrefix": "testabc", "vmSize": "Standard_D2_v2" }

Its very surprising and annoying that documentation is missing these 2 important json parameters.


agentPoolProfiles should be an array of json objects. I pulled this example from azure-cli's mock unit tests to help give you a frame of reference.


  • Yes I updated my agentpools with "agentPoolProfiles": [{ "name": "agentPool1234", "count": 2, "vmSize": "Standard_A1", "dnsPrefix": "testabcagents" }], But Still getting the same error. – Bhushan Gholave Sep 12 '17 at 11:39

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