What is the best practice for opening a map from the mobile internet explorer on windows phone 7? On BlackBerry you use a JavaScript method and on Android/iOS you simply link to a google maps URL.

I am planning to integrate the different ways of opening maps into my mobile geo javascript library and don't have a windows phone device.


Thanks, Stan Wiechers

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Use the maps: protocol for WP7. I haven't found any documentation but this works.

<a href="maps:Vancouver V5L 4G1"></a>

<a href="maps:49.275267 -122.988617"></a>

There currently isn't a built in way to link to the maps application from within a webpage on a device (or emulator). (Nor is it possible from other apps either.)

I'd recommend linking directly to a mobile Bing page. Such as the following which searches / shows a map for "London":


  • Thanks much, this seems to be quite a missing feature. I will add in bing maps, assume that works better then google maps. Do you happen to have a bing URL convention document? Would be great. In the library i would like that users can open a map via a query and via a lat/lon address. – Stan Wiechers Jan 4 '11 at 21:34
  • @Stan It doesn't look like Lat/Long is a supported format (m.bing.com/search/search.aspx?A=modifylocation) – Matt Lacey Jan 4 '11 at 21:51
  • @Stan sorry couldn't find a URL format document. Try asking at bing.com/community/bingsearch/f/12244.aspx – Matt Lacey Jan 4 '11 at 21:52

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