Please advise on the following issue. I'd like to use Sequelize to work with existing database.

Stack used:

- Node.js v6.10.3
- MySQL 2nd Gen 5.7 running on Google Cloud
- Sequelize 4.7.5

MySQL contains 1 table - 'test_table' with columns 'id', 'content', 'status' and holds some data.

I want to define testTable model which would "explain" my MySQL 'test_table' for sequelize, so I run:

const connection = new Sequelize("dbName", "user", "pass", {
                                     host: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx,
                                     dialect: mysql
const testTable = connection.define('test_table', {
                                      id: {type: Sequelize.INTEGER, 
                                           allowNull: false, unique: true, 
                                           primaryKey: true, autoIncrement: 
                                      content: {type: Sequelize.STRING},
                                      status: {type: Sequelize.STRING},

First surprise I get is that from this moment onwards Node completely ignores existence of 'test_table' and creates its 'analogue' (???).

C:\Users\dmitri\Desktop\app>node query.js

Executing (default): CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `test_tables` (`id` INTEGER NOT NULL auto_increment UNIQUE , `content` VARCHAR(255), `status` INTEGER, `createdAt` DATETIME NOT NULL, `updatedAt` DAT
ETIME NOT NULL, UNIQUE `test_tables_id_unique` (`id`), PRIMARY KEY (`id`)) ENGINE=InnoDB;

Executing (default): SELECT `id`, `content`, `status`, `createdAt`, `updatedAt` FROM `test_tables` AS `test_table`;
Executing (default): SHOW INDEX FROM `test_tables`

Now MySQL contains two tables:

 - 'test_table' (singular) 
 - 'test_tables' (plural) identical to "test_table" but empty.

I am trying to SELECTid,contentFROMtest_table` by executing the following Sequelize code:

    .findAll({attributes: ['id', 'content']})

Instead of returning contents of 'test_table', node keeps ignoring it:

C:\Users\dmitri\Desktop\app>node query.js Executing (default): SELECT id, content FROM test_tables AS test_table;

and returns [].

What may be the reason it voluntarily jumps to query 'test_tables' instead of 'test_table'? Am I completely missing something here?

Many thanks!


You should have specified the table name in the options. Delete this new table, add the table name option and re-lift the app.

connection.define('test_table', {
  //.... your fields
}, {
  tableName: 'test_table'

On a side note, I like to have my models named with camelcase. TestTable. Same goes for connection.define('TestTable'...

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