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I know how to create indexes

CREATE INDEX ix_dsvtable
  ON public."DsVTable"
  USING btree
  (dind, sec, regind, datind);

And how can I check if index already exists?

I need to check their existence and create them if they don't exist yet.

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You can get the list of indexes, their table and column using this query:

    t.relname as table_name,
    i.relname as index_name,
    a.attname as column_name
    pg_class t,
    pg_class i,
    pg_index ix,
    pg_attribute a
    t.oid = ix.indrelid
    and i.oid = ix.indexrelid
    and a.attrelid = t.oid
    and a.attnum = ANY(ix.indkey)
    and t.relkind = 'r'
   -- and t.relname like 'mytable'
order by

From there, you can check existence by index name or involved column(s) and decide to create/skip the index.

  • It's work for me. Thanks! – Nicolas Dias Dec 28 '18 at 11:56

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