I have wtforms defined for datetime field as below:

stime = DateTimeField(label='Start time',validators=[validators.InputRequired()],format = "%d%b%Y %H:%M",default= datetime.now(timezone('UTC')))
    etime = DateTimeField(label='End time',validators=[validators.InputRequired()],format = "%d%b%Y %H:%M",default= datetime.now(timezone('UTC')))

On HTML page calling this fields as below:

<form method= POST action="{{ url_for('input_ext') }}">
              {% for field in form %}
                            <td>{{ field.label }}*</td><td>{{ field }}</td>
              {% endfor %}
<input id = "generate" name="generate" type=submit value=Next></form>

Flask Code:

from flask import Flask
from flask import render_template
from flask import request
from model import InputForm

app = Flask(__name__)
@app.route('/',methods = ['GET','POST'])
#select interface and for selected interfaces pullup circuit info
def provideinput():
    global devices
    devices = ''
    form = InputForm(request.form)
    return render_template("utctime.html", form=form)
if __name__ == "__main__":

Problem is that, i get time in UTC and is not updating to current UTC value whenever i reload page.It stays same as i start run python code. Anything wrong in defining DateTimeField ?

Changed as below,still no luck:

  stime = DateTimeField(label='Start time(EDT)', validators=[validators.InputRequired()], format="%d%b%Y %H:%M",
    etime = DateTimeField(label='End time(EDT)', validators=[validators.InputRequired()], format="%d%b%Y %H:%M",
  • etime = DateTimeField(label='End time(EDT)', validators=[validators.InputRequired()], format="%d%b%Y %H:%M", default=datetime.today) -> Did like this still it is same no change in time after reload
    – ajay
    Aug 31, 2017 at 15:36

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Answer is in wtforms+flask today's date as a default value

Someone quoted this earlier. My bad i was editing at wrong place.

changed to :

stime = DateTimeField(label='Start time(EDT)',validators=[validators.InputRequired()],format = "%d%b%Y %H:%M",default= datetime.utcnow)
    etime = DateTimeField(label='End time(EDT)',validators=[validators.InputRequired()],format = "%d%b%Y %H:%M",default= datetime.utcnow)

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