I might not properly understand it well enough but I think the payment entry/receipting needs to be simplified in ERPNext. The current Advanced Payment use case doesn’t properly apply for part-payment by clients. The Payment Entry should have an Amount Due field which is accurate when the payment is submitted, Or Outstanding amount should deduct the just Allocated amount. Maybe a topic for another day.

I’ve converted the Payment Entry print format into a Payment Receipt. For part payment, I need to have the actual Outstanding amount after payment allocation:

Actual Outstanding = Outstanding - Allocated.

I’ve been toiling with scripts for over 24hrs and all I get is a blank field in the Payment Entry Doc Type. I can manually set it, but I need it to automatically update so that users dont make errors.

I’ll appreciate the help.

the new outstanding field

print format with outstanding amount manually set from form

heres my script:

//update custom Outstanding currency type field within Payment Entry DocType
frappe.ui.form.on("Payment Entry", "validate", function(frm) {
    $.each(frm.doc.references || [], function(i, d) {

        // calculate using PE references table fields
        frm.doc.Outstanding= d.outstanding - d.allocated;


I’m really not sure here, please help


This script did it:

//calculating a new outstanding amount as paid amount is entered. 
//The old outstanding amount is pulled from the Payment Entry References (child) table.
frappe.ui.form.on("Payment Entry", { base_paid_amount: function(frm) {
    var outstanding = 0;    
    var tot_outstanding = 0;
    // add table's outstanding values
    $.each(frm.doc.references, function(index, row){
        tot_outstanding += row.outstanding_amount;
    outstanding = tot_outstanding - frm.doc.base_paid_amount; //subtract paid amount
    frm.set_value("outstanding", outstanding);
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