In Table_1A, both column_A and column_B are equal to Table_2A column_C. How do you select from the 2 tables using the inner join or any other way.

Sorry I am new at sql. Please advice.


I am guessing that you want two joins:

select t1.*, . . .
from Table_1A t1 left join
     Table_2A t2a
     on t2a.column_C = t1.column_A left join
     Table_2A t2b
     on t2b.column_C = t1.column_B
select * from Table_1A t1
Inner join Table_2A t2 
on t2.column_C = t1.column_A
or t2.column_C = t1.column_B

This will get you data from both tables where there is a match between column_A and column_C or column_B and column_C

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