I am using native code for upi deep linking. When intent invoke on bhim app payment details page in not showing while other psp app redirecting to payment page When I click a url from mobile browser like this upi://pay?pa=98955012345@upi&pn=abc&am=1 it opens BHIM app with pre-filled page of payee details.

However when I use my merchant app, to link it through intent deep-linking, it opens BHIM but does not redirect to pre-filled page.


It really works for the BHIM application also. Use this Code it works like a charm for every PSP enabled applications.

Note: Instead of using the "%" better to use "+" to replace the white space from the URL. That works better.

private String getUPIString(String payeeAddress, String payeeName, String payeeMCC, String trxnID, String trxnRefId,
                        String trxnNote, String payeeAmount, String currencyCode, String refUrl) {
String UPI = "upi://pay?pa=" + payeeAddress + "&pn=" + payeeName
        + "&mc=" + payeeMCC + "&tid=" + trxnID + "&tr=" + trxnRefId
        + "&tn=" + trxnNote + "&am=" + payeeAmount + "&cu=" + currencyCode
        + "&refUrl=" + refUrl;
return UPI.replace(" ", "+");


Then pass the parameters in the method and pass the string to the Intent in this way:

Intent intent = new Intent();
        Intent chooser = Intent.createChooser(intent, "Pay with...");
            startActivityForResult(chooser, 1, null);

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