We use Postgres 9.5 on RDS and have a use case to turn off SQL logging when running bulk inserts. Bulk insert SQL statement is large and not a lot of benefit of logging it since we know it will take more time than our set log_min_duration.

As mentioned in this post, I tried doing set_config via psql client. Unfortunately I get permission denied. Logged in user via psql is a member of rds_superuser.

SELECT current_setting('log_statement');
│ current_setting │
│ mod             │
(1 row)

SELECT set_config('log_statement', 'mod', false);

ERROR:  42501: permission denied to set parameter "log_statement"
LOCATION:  set_config_option, guc.c:5804

Any ideas on why we get permission denied and secondly do folks know if its possible to change this setting at run time in postgres on RDS

  • And rds_superuser gives you local superuser privileges (check with e.g. show is_superuser;)? Because "Only superusers can change this setting"? – dhke Sep 1 '17 at 10:14
  • thanks @dhke, that was the problem - rds_superuser doesn't grant is_superuser. didn't know about this part. – sumit Sep 1 '17 at 10:42

RDS uses a different permission model to vanilla Postgres, so the rds_superuser role doesn't actually have all the permissions that a "real" superuser would have. In effect, RDS is a "managed" database hosting solution, and full access would give you abilities that would break or compromise that management. Instead, this role is granted a list of specific permissions.

For most configuration, you have to use what Amazon call "Parameter Groups", which are managed through the AWS console or API.

There is a specific page on logging in Postgres RDS which gives some examples of using Parameter Groups to set the log_statement option.

This means you can't change the setting dynamically in your database connection, e.g. in a pl/pgsql function, but you could change it as part of a batch job using the AWS API or official CLI client.

  • thanks. going to accept this answer as it provides answer to permissions part and also whether an app can change log_statement config on RDS or not – sumit Sep 1 '17 at 10:44

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