When creating a very simple scrollable list in Flutter, what are the advantages and disadvantages of saying (where widgets is List<Widget> == true):

Option 1:

var widget = new SingleChildScrollView( 
  child: new Column(
    chidren: widgets

Option 2:

var widget = new ListView(children: widgets);

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Listview Widget shows the unlimited number of children inside it, but the main advantage of using ListView is it renders only visible items on the screen perhaps more specifically I would say ListView.Builder()


The column is used when we have to draw different widgets in the list. If items increase in the column then SingleChildScrollView is used for scrolling purposes.

For More Reference:



Definitely go for option 2. ListView have a few cool optimisations. https://youtu.be/UUfXWzp0-DU?t=33m38s

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