I'm trying to retrieve products from my Shopify store with this code, a near copy/paste of the examples page for the Javascript Buy SDK:

$(function() {
  var shopClient = ShopifyBuy.buildClient({
    accessToken: '4b4e3d4bba63039f2d51db94c2e79a46',
    domain: 'squatch-air-clutches-test.myshopify.com',
    appId: '6'

    collection_id: 1397227547
  }).then(function(products) {

  shopClient.fetchProduct('46656520219').then(function(product) {


Here's a fiddle.

The buildClient command seems to complete successfully, however I get a console error with the next two commands: Error: Not Found. I assume this refers to the product not able to be found, but I am sure both the product and the collection ids are correct. And I am also sure that I have read access enabled for "products, variants, and collections" for my private app. Would there be any other reason I am getting this error, and if so, what's a solution?

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    The documentation says: "Note: You will need to publish the product/collection you wish to interact with to the “Buy Button” channel in Shopify.", have you done this? Sep 1, 2017 at 23:59
  • @PatrickEvans I hadn't, but I went ahead and did. Same results, sadly.
    – swinn
    Sep 2, 2017 at 2:32

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Got it. The App ID was incorrect. I needed to go to /admin/settings/storefront_access_tokens and grab the correct ID for my sales channel. I'm disappointed that it was so difficult to find though - the documentation on this seems convoluted.

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