I have my iPhone connected to Xcode. It used to work just fine recently. I see it in the Devices and Simulators section, but when I try to compile my app, it says D's iPhone 6S is not connected. Xcode will continue when D's iPhone 6S is connected.

In the Devices and Simulators I see it as disconnected. I tried restarting the phone, turning it's wifi on and off. It's connected to the same wifi network, I tried restarting Xcode, nothing. I run Xcode 9, Beta 6 at the moment. Does anyone has similar issue and hopefully know how to solve it?

  • Have you tried to connect it with USB or only via WiFi? – Xvolks Sep 2 '17 at 13:48
  • If you have upgraded your phone to a former beta, you should try via USB. Beta9 erased all my music, so there are side effects. – Xvolks Sep 2 '17 at 14:26
  • Hmm, I've upgraded to beta 9, but I didn't notice anything unusual happening in my phone. There was an issue with the usb, but now its working wirelessly. I don't get it really... – Bold Lion Sep 2 '17 at 14:29
  • 1
    Maybe, just connecting it with USB restored some security token that was lost with the upgrade. – Xvolks Sep 2 '17 at 14:30
  • @Sauvage sort of. See the answer that I've posted below. I hope it helps you – Bold Lion Sep 13 '17 at 14:51

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Highly likely to work:

  1. Open Xcode
  2. go to window -> Devices and Simulators
  3. Right click on your device
  4. click Unpair Device
  5. restart Xcode
  6. restart your iPhone.
  7. Connect your iPhone via USB
  8. run your app
  9. then unplug it, and it should run via the wifi again.
  • l Trial and error led me to this answer. I tried all the other answers here at the time. – ScottyBlades Mar 9 '18 at 19:15
  • 1
    I was borrowing cables from my coworkers, then enabled wireless build, now you let me unpair the device, oh man, I'm not going to ask for a cable one more time. – fullMoon Oct 9 '18 at 10:44
  • I just had to unpair and reconnect my phone -- didn't even have to restart anything. – DustinB Jan 8 at 16:59
  • @DustinB, that's great! – ScottyBlades Jan 13 at 0:05
  • its worked well for me :) – iOS_Developer Apr 28 at 11:30

In Window > Devices and Simulators, right click on your iPhone and "Connect with IP address", then enter the iPhone IP address and you're connected.

  • Running USB and disconnecting doesn't work for me. This looks like the way to do it then. – brainray Nov 9 '17 at 13:10
  • Xcode Version 9.1 - no option to "Connect with IP address" - only method I could find is USB cable. – CFP Support Nov 14 '17 at 12:42
  • Xcode 9.1 - reconnecting via WIFI, I have to open "Devices and Simulators" window and then Xcode will continue connecting when your device is unlocked! – webmastx Nov 15 '17 at 13:47
  • Connect via IP address does not work for me. The only way to restore the connection is to plug USB cable, and click the checkbox "connect via network" again whenever it appears. – Jorg B Jorge Apr 21 '18 at 12:54

As Sam H.'s answer, can Connect via IP Address. This is XCode 9 or 9.1 's function. And need your device update to iOS11 +

enter image description here


Turn off WIFI on Mac, and also on your iPhone too. Then turn on WIFI again on both devices.

I frequently face this issue since I don't use USB cable to build the app to my iPhone. So this is my usual way to resolve the connection problem.

  • I've had some luck doing this but does not work for me most of the time. – Jeremiah Jan 7 at 20:18

Apparently, more people have this issue. The only "solution" I found was to connect the iphone with a USB, run the app and then try to run it using wifi. This usually solves my problem.


I'm using Xcode 9.1 and suddenly had this issue.After reading other answers a realized it is a Xcode bug via wifi debug.My solution was to connect the iphone with a USB, then go to the Add Additional Simulators,then come to the interface below,uncheck "connect via network". Problem sovled,and back to debug via a USB.

enter image description here

  • If this option does not appear, try to reattach your device. – Jan Schlorf Nov 28 '17 at 7:22
  • For me nothing worked. I tried to connect via network, via IP, via usb cable. 20 times each. None worked. iOS development does not work very well. – Vladimir Despotovic Dec 10 '17 at 21:34
  • Without doing any plugging in or out this issue suddenly occured. Your answer resolved it, thank you! – Jan Schlorf Nov 7 '18 at 17:56

Making Cellular data Off solved my problem

  • In my scenario I haven't used the cellular even :( – mgyky Jan 22 at 8:28

I had this issue when I changed my network connection on my Mac and in this case reconnecting the phone with an USB cable doesn't work. I had to restart xCode.


This is just to add the other possible reasons that the answers forgot to mention:

You got a new phone and Xcode is trying to connect to the old phone: Window<< Devices and Simulators: Press the + button and connect your phone via usb cable and click
your on your device. It should add it at that point.

You could also try running bluetooth instead of wifi, but it might still do the same problems. Make sure your device is connected correctly


I had to reopen Xcode with my iPhone X unlocked and then I had to open Windows->Devices immediately afterwards.

Then the message was changed into:"iPhone X is busy: Preparing debugger support for iPhone X"


Also make sure your iOS device is on the same wifi network as your Mac, otherwise Xcode will insist you connect your device via USB, even if you've checked the box to use wireless development for that device.


There could be more than one reason why xcode forgets the device often. One of them could be the dynamic IP which is assigned automatically.

Apart from general troubleshooting (device is unlocked etc), here are few suggestions based on my experience.

1) Check if you are using the SAME WIFI on computer and device.

2) In Xcode > Devices and Simulators > Right Click > Unpair Device and connect again.

3) Prefer to use static IP. At least for the device (Give Manual IP address in the iPhone).

4) In Xcode > Devices and Simulators > Connect via IP Address

5) Use USB cable to run the app and then unplug to use wireless solves it most often.

6) Disconnect and Reconnect Wireless on Computer & Mobile Device

7) Turn off the Cellular Data

8) Turn off any VPN you are using.

9) Check your Network Settings on Computer and Device. Disable any suspecious setting (Proxy etc).

10) Restart Device and Computer. It often resolves few network interface problems.


Restarting the wifi on my Mac worked for me.


Just in case someone did what I did: I used to have wireless connection with my mac mini but one day I decided to use a cable. From that day I had problems with my devices, I always had to use usb the first time I opened Xcode. When I removed cable connection everything worked fine as before.


Make sure your Mac and device connected in same network(Wi-Fi) connection.

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