I am a beginner in Java I have created an Excel file and write to that file by using jxl API.

But the file is taking 14kB but in VC++ it will create with 2KB I am not getting what is the reason, shall I have to use another way to do the coding? Plz help me solve the problem.


  • i dont really understand the question, code would help too.
    – pvgoddijn
    Jan 21 '09 at 13:38

You sound like you are worrying about something that is not important. Is the size of the file restricted in some way? 14k is still pretty tiny compared to many other common files.

That visual C++ creates a smaller files is not surprising given it and Excel are Microsoft products. Jxl is a small open source project made by one person, Andy Khan.


What happens if you open the 14kb file in Excel and save it without making any changes? Does it still remain 14kb in size?

JExcel FAQ says that the large size of JExcel output could be due to the fact that JExcel does not perform any optimizations on the Excel files.


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