I need to implement app for pdf export. When I search I fount kendo UI is best for my requirement. Also it's work very much until I export single page.

But when I export multiple page my kendo UI code doesn't work properly.

I my scenario I have main div as 'DivPrint' and two A4 size div inside it.When I export it's export as 1 page instead of two pages.

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$scopeChild.generatePDF = function () {                                                

kendo.drawing.drawDOM($("#DivPrint"), {paperSize: "A4",multiPage: true                                             })
            .then(function (group) {                                                    
              kendo.drawing.pdf.saveAs(group, "Converted PDF.pdf");

You can use the forcePageBreak property available with Kendo and inside html, you should mention the classes.

Your HTML should be like this:

<div id="DivPrint">
 <div id="Div01">Text from first div </div>
 <div id="Div02" class="page-break">Text from second div</div>

And your JS should be like this:

kendo.drawing.drawDOM("#DivPrint", {
    paperSize: "A4",
    forcePageBreak: ".page-break"
  .then(function(group) {
    kendo.drawing.pdf.saveAs(group, "Converted PDF.pdf");

You can check the live demo here: https://jsbin.com/hedodigomu/

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