I'm doing some research on online Graphing packages for different languages and would like to know what current up-to-date graphing packages there are for Perl which are worth investigating

Minimum desired capabilities should include the kind which Google offers through its API

A brief synopsis of the key benefits of the recommended package / API would be appreciated


I've been messing around with Chart::Clicker recently. Those translucent area charts do have something for them.


You might find the answers to this similar question helpful How do I create graphs in Perl on Windows?

If it's web based then I do like using Flash based charts. I've used Chart::OFC and can highly recommend it. However note there is an Open Flash Chart 2 on its way and a reciprocal module Chart::OFC2 as already hit the CPAN.

For good commercial Flash charting then take a look at FusionCharts. I'm currently testing this myself and it does look quite good.

For non Flash commercial alternatives then look at ChartDirector. I've have used this successfully with other Perl/Python programmers in a couple of companies I've done work with.


For graphing in Perl, I've used the GD and GD::Graph modules. GD::Graph can produce simple bar, line, and pie charts, and output several graphics formats, including PNG.


I second the recommendation for Chart::Clicker. This is unquestionably the best pure Perl charting module.

BTW, I edited your tags to be "charting" instead of "graphing". In the computer world, graphs are those things with edges and nodes, charts are pretty pictures.


It's not open-source (or free) but check out Chart Director - they have a free download (no time-limit), it's cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/Mac) and the charts look better than what I've seen on CPAN.

The license is only $99 US.


My recommandation PDL::Graphics::PLplot PDL

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