The Dataflow jobs are cluttered all over my dashboard, and I'd like to delete the failed jobs from my project. But in the dashboard, I don't see any option to delete the Dataflow job. I'm looking for something like below at least,

$ gcloud beta dataflow jobs delete JOB_ID

To delete all jobs,

$ gcloud beta dataflow jobs delete

Can someone please help me with this?


Unfortunately, this is not currently possible. You cannot delete a Dataflow job. This is something that you could request via the public issue tracker (I've wanted it in the past too).

gcloud dataflow jobs --help


COMMAND is one of the following:

    Cancels all jobs that match the command line arguments.

    Outputs the Job object resulting from the Get API.

    Drains all jobs that match the command line arguments.

    Lists all jobs in a particular project.

    Runs a job from the specified path.

    Shows a short description of the given job.

As Graham mentions, it is not possible to delete Dataflow jobs. However, note that you can filter the job list to only show the jobs you care about. For example, Status:Running,Succeeded will exclude all failed or cancelled jobs.

Dataflow Job filter

On the commandline, you can use --status=(active|terminated|all):

gcloud beta dataflow jobs list --status=active
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    the monitoring tool or the console displays data only for the jobs run in last 30 days. – tanujabhoyar Oct 6 '20 at 9:23

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