Recently started to get into GitSwarm and currently stuck on the possibility to use the corresponding Perforce submitted changelist number when the continuous integration job has been executed after the git push delivery (to align with company's apps builds numbering policy).

Is there a simple way to do this (probably just some environment variable to use in .gitlab-ci.yml, but e.g. CI_COMMIT_SHA does not look friendly at all) or I have to use p4 command execution explicitly (somewhere in the script: section of the job description) to obtain the revision?

And, by the way, what are the alternatives in GitSwarm to achieve the unique numbering of builds (I mean so that, for example, my iOS or Android app bundle is numbered as Version="1.0", Build="123456", where "1.0" is taken from my project files, while "123456" is what I'm interested in to represent the exact code baseline on which the app was assembled)?

Thanks in advance!

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