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I've gotten used to the memory management of C++ and having to consider if data should be stored in the Stack or Heap though coming back to C#, I'm a little confused on if this should really be a concern anymore.

I'm aware that C# uses a Garbage Collector but does that mean I still need to allocate data to either the Stack or Heap? I mainly ask this considering I'm using the new keyword a lot more then I would in C++

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  • No, the runtime handles it all for you. – stuartd Sep 5 '17 at 0:15
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    In almost 20 years of coding for .NET I've only had to worry about it a couple of times. Those times were highly-specific cases where I needed to load massive amounts of data into memory at one time (multi-gigabytes). This is not a usual scenario. – Sam Axe Sep 5 '17 at 0:17
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    It is, in fact, much more interesting than that in that you should probably unlearn what you think you know about how the stack and the heap are used, because things work differently in the managed world, even ignoring the garbage collector for a moment. Take it away, Eric. – Jeroen Mostert Sep 5 '17 at 0:23
  • See also stackoverflow.com/questions/4487289/…. Note that in general, you'll have little control over where your data is stored, because the semantics of your data types will determine the storage location implicitly, and will be much more important than the underlying implementation detail of how the data is stored. – Peter Duniho Sep 5 '17 at 0:23
  • Yes, you really should worry. The stack is a nice organised data structure where everything is neat. The heap is just a morass of items where I can never find anything. Use the stack. :-) – paxdiablo Sep 5 '17 at 1:18

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