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this is my array:

$array = array
        'id' => '1',
        'name' => 'Product 1',
        'qty' => '2'
        'id' => '2',
        'name' => 'Product 2',
        'qty' => '1'

i want get if there is the id value 1 return true, else return false. But it's only check base on id.

the problem is, how to check if the value of id is exist

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  • And the problem is? – u_mulder Sep 6 '17 at 6:53
  • what you have tried? – Shanu k k Sep 6 '17 at 6:53
  • 1
    you could try like this – user6448640 Sep 6 '17 at 6:55
$key = array_search(1, array_column($array, 'id'));

it will return the key.

There are a lot of user comments in the PHP docs that can help you with questions such as this, see the below link.


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