How to identify load (thread user & connection timeout) bottleneck by using jmeter generated reports from non-gui.

Steps I have done:

  1. Imported *.jmx in jmeter which was recorded by using blazemeter pulgin.

  2. I had set the duration assertion, uniform random timer.

  3. Set Thread group to 100 threads and ramp-up to 50 seconds.

  4. I have installed perfmon in respective server and added perfmon listener in this thread group.

  5. I have saved and closed test plan and jmeter gui.

  6. I executed the saved test plan in non-gui.

  7. Once execution stopped I converted saved *.csv to html.

By using above html report, how can I find thread group (load) bottleneck. If you want me to increase the load (thread group) then please explain me after increasing the load(virtual users) how can i identify the load(thread group) bottleneck.

PFB HTML reports from that give solution for me to find thread group (load) bottleneck.

Transactions per second enter image description here

Codes per second enter image description here

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