Chrome officially supports running the browser in headless mode (including programmatic control via the Puppeteer API and/or the CRI library).

I've searched through the documentation, but I haven't found how to programmatically capture the AJAX traffic from the instances (ie. start an instance of Chrome from code, navigate to a page, and access the background response/request calls & raw data (all from code not using the developer tools or extensions).

Do you have any suggestions or examples detailing how this could be achieved? Thanks!

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Puppeteer's API makes this really easy:

page.on('request', request => {
  if (request.resourceType === 'XHR')
    // do something

You can also intercept requests with setRequestInterception, but it's not needed in this example if you're not going to modify the requests.

There's an example of intercepting image requests that you can adapt.

resourceTypes are defined here.

I finally found how to do what I wanted. It can be done with chrome-remote-interface (CRI), and node.js. I'm attaching the minimal code required.

const CDP = require('chrome-remote-interface');

(async function () {

    // you need to have a Chrome open with remote debugging enabled
    // ie. chrome --remote-debugging-port=9222
    const protocol = await CDP({port: 9222});

    const {Page, Network} = protocol;
    await Page.enable();
    await Network.enable(); // need this to call Network.getResponseBody below

    Page.navigate({url: 'http://localhost/'}); // your URL

    const onDataReceived = async (e) => {
        try {
            let response = await Network.getResponseBody({requestId: e.requestId})
            if (typeof response.body === 'string') {
        } catch (ex) {

    protocol.on('Network.dataReceived', onDataReceived)

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