Reading from the link below, i believe when a node goes down in the Nifi cluster, the data will not be processed until the node goes back up --- so flow files/data handled by the failed node will not be taken over by another node in the cluster.


The link above is relatively old ( almost 2 years ago) , just wondering if Nifi HA story is still the same or not. If it is still the same, does anyone know if nifi has any plans to fix it in the future ?


  • Hi @mary-jane, did you solve the problem? do you have some insights to share with the community? – Óscar Andreu Jun 28 '18 at 11:34

It is definitely something the community is still interested in, but it hasn't been worked on yet (as far as I know).

  • Thanks for the reply. – Mary Jane Sep 7 '17 at 14:57
  • 1
    wow, this is a major issue. I am surprised that there is still no plan to have it fixed. – Mary Jane Sep 7 '17 at 14:59

Kafka or queue engine can help you to solve this problem on architecture level

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