I'm running Chrome with xvfb on Debian 8. It works until I open a tab and try to load content. The process dies silently...

Fortunately, I have gotten it to run smoothly on my local docker using docker run --shm-size=1G.

There is a known bug in Chrome that causes it to crash when /dev/shm is too small.

I am deploying to Container engine, and inspecting the OS specs. The host OS has a solid 7G mounted to /dev/shm, but the actual container is only allocated 64M. Chrome crashes.

How can I set the size of /dev/shm when using kubectl to deploy to container engine?


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Mounting an emptyDir to /dev/shm and setting the medium to Memory did the trick!

  - name: dshm
      medium: Memory
  - image: gcr.io/project/image
      - mountPath: /dev/shm
        name: dshm
docker run --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN --shm-size 2G --name chrome chrome-hd

to run container locally where

--shm-size 2G

is used to tweak shm available size.

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    Please re-read the question. I already use --shm-size to run locally. This is a question about kubectl configuration
    – posit labs
    Jan 19, 2018 at 18:30

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