I am trying to use Dokka plugin to generate Javadoc for android Kotlin application. I added the plugin to my gradle:

classpath "org.jetbrains.dokka:dokka-gradle-plugin:0.9.15"

Then I made a basic configuration following project instructions:

dokka {
    outputFormat = 'javadoc'
    outputDirectory = "$rootDir/docs"
    skipEmptyPackages = true
    noStdlibLink = true

I generate documentation using basic gradle command:

[user@linux AppDir]$ bash gradlew dokka

Output is fine, but it includes multiple directories from android or plugins I have added to my project, for example:


How do I skip these packages? Is there any way to generate dock only for my /app/scr/java folder, and files I created? Any help is appreciated.

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Dokka version 0.9.16 will include a bugfix to remove generated files from documentation.

In version 0.9.15, the following commit seemed to address that "Suppress output of android.R and other generated stuff in dokka-android", but apparently after creating the suppresedFiles map with the needed information, it was not really used to filter sourceSets.

UPDATE: Dokka 0.9.16 has been released with the fix, among other improvements.

#224 Filtered out Android generated classes from docs


Here is a working example with Dokka 0.9.16:

task dokka(overwrite: true, type: org.jetbrains.dokka.gradle.DokkaAndroidTask) {
    outputFormat = 'javadoc'
    outputDirectory = "$buildDir/docs"

    // Do not create index pages for empty packages
    skipEmptyPackages = true

    //Do not output deprecated members. Applies globally, can be overridden by packageOptions
    skipDeprecated = false

    //No default documentation link to kotlin-stdlib
    noStdlibLink = false

If you use Android then the type is important: org.jetbrains.dokka.gradle.DokkaAndroidTask

Not DokkaTask but DokkaAndroidTask.

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    You'll also need to use the org.jetbrains.dokka-android plugin from the org.jetbrains.dokka:dokka-android-gradle-plugin:0.9.16 repository! Took me a looong time to figure that out. Nov 1, 2018 at 21:27

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