I'm trying to migrate a WordPress Multisite setup from a remote server to localhost. I'm using Mamp.

I've migrated the files and database. I've used this tutorial on changes to the database: https://www.wpmayor.com/migrate-wordpress-multisite/

My sites are setup like this:


I can visit site.localhost and use site.localhost/wp-admin just fine.

Whenever I try to go to a.site.localhost or b.site.localhost I get the following error-

Greetings Network Administrator! The network currently disallows registrations. To change or disable registration go to your Options page.

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This sounds like you need to enable wildcard subdomains. I found an answer here that says you can point a new host subdomain to your current route that is already working.

If you are using MAMP Pro you can simply just add another completely new host using your sub-domain and then just route it to the same place as your top domain.

  • Awesome! I'm using MAMP Pro so I added another host and it worked right away. Thanks!
    – Tom
    Sep 8, 2017 at 11:40

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