Just a quick question I hope someone can answer for me.

I have a collection in MongoDB containing 84 thousand documents. The data looks something like this:


There are several thousand documents containing the word "BOND" as the category name such as this:

More Data

Even More Data

And many thousands more...

Currently in MongoDB Compass I am using the following query:

{ "Category" : "BOND" }

But of course this just returns 1 document that where the Category is BOND.

Can anybody tell me how I can query to find all documents where the field name "Category" contains the word "BOND" within it?

Many thanks, G


You should use regexp for this, i.e.

{ "Category" : /^BOND.*/ }

for categories begins with BOND, or

{ "Category" : /.*BOND.*/ }

for categories contains BOND within

  • What if i want to search all the documents from the data in a file. (for the above example)say a file containing a list of oSum values, and i want all the documents matching the those oSum – Paras Singh Jun 9 '20 at 18:54

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