While creating user in userpool, user invitation messages are sent with a temporary password but email verification messages is not being sent.
I was creating a very simple setup to try out aws cognito service. Here is what I did in AWS cognito, I created a user pool with step by step as follows:
1)What do you want to name your user pool?
-> testpool

2)How do you want to create your user pool?
-> step through settings

3)How do you want your end users to sign in?
->Email address or phone number-Allow email addresses

4)What password strength do you want to require?
->Minimum length=6

5)Do you want to allow users to sign themselves up?
->Allow users to sign themselves up

6)How quickly should user accounts created by administrators expire if not used?
->Days to expire-7

7)Do you want to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

8)Do you want to require verification of emails or phone numbers?

9)You must provide a role to allow Amazon Cognito to send SMS messages

10)Do you want to customize your email verification messages?
->Verification type-link
->Email subject = Your verification link
->Email message = Please click the link below to verify your email address. {##Verify Email##}

11)Do you want to customize your user invitation messages?
->SMS message = Your username is {username} and temporary password is ->{####}.
->Email subject = Your temporary password
->Email message = Your username is {username} and temporary password is {####}.

12)Do you want to customize your email address?

13)Do you want to add tags for this user pool?

14)Do you want to remember your user's devices?

15)Which app clients will have access to this user pool?
->none(will simulate from create user option in genral setting-user and group)

16)Do you want to customize workflows with triggers?

17)Review page - this page shows summary of whatever I selected Create pool

Now after pool creation went ot genral setting-user and group and clicked create user A Create user pop-up shows:
Username (Required): myEmailAddress
Send an invitation to this new user?: check
Temporary password: left blank
Phone Number: empty(not required)
Mark phone number as verified? unCheck
Email: myEmailAddress
Mark email as verified? unCheck
Click on Create User

A mail is received into my account form no-reply@verificationemail.com via amazonses.com,
with subject: Your temporary password
with message as: Your username is somemailid@gmail.com and temporary password is agsjyk.
This is okay.

But I didnot receive any verification mail link before previous mail.


Not sure if you're missing this particular setup....Domain name is require for link verification. Under "Tab integration" then "Domain name"

  • still facing issue – Prashant Tapase Jan 4 at 14:09
  • Was this ever solved? I'm experiencing same issue and I had already verified domain. – openwonk Apr 24 at 4:16

verification mail link is for when users sign themselves up, they will receive a link to ask them to verify the email address instead of a code. In your case, you are send a temporary password to the user, so the link wont show up.

  • hi, thanks for replying. Actually as you can see in point number 10 - i choose verification type as link. Also I wanted to know if this is only posible if we use SES api for sending verification link and storing all the email(of my app users) there itself. – Raj Sep 20 '17 at 5:22

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