I need to create a report(SSRS) ,but I can't figure out how i can get one specific value. Please consider the following scenario: I Have a Hierarchy Country ->City->Person ,& i need to get the value of the wealth in one column for a specific person ,a specific city & a specific country. the wealth of a counry is not the SUM of the wealth of the persons living in the country . My report should look like :

USA : 20M$

   NY:                  3M$  

      Person1:        0,1M$ 
      Person2:        0,2M$

  Boston:             2M$

      Person 3:       0,5M$

................ My query is :

;WITH wealth_TEMP AS
        SUM(fo.wealth) AS wealth
                WHEN (Some Criteria)
                THEN 1
                ELSE 0
            END AS wealth
        FROM wealthTable f
    ) fo
    GROUP BY wealthId
Hierarchy AS
        B.CityId AS CityId,
        B.CountryName AS CountryName
    FROM HierarchyTable AS B where
     b.CountryName IN (@Country)
Person_Table AS
    FROM Individual_Table FSU
    LEFT OUTER JOIN wealth_TEMP fo ON fo.wealthId = fsu.individualId
    WHERE bu.Cityname IN (@City)
Select ......................
  • What are the values in @Country and @City? Are you passing in a list? Here is a great place to start. spaghettidba.com/2015/04/24/… – Sean Lange Sep 8 '17 at 14:09
  • you needn't get that values in the same column in your query. Just set City.Value for cell in the CityGroupRow, and Person.Value in the PersonGroupRow in your report – xdd Sep 8 '17 at 14:54
  • Hello Sean ,yes the city & country are parameters i passing to the query. – Pascal_Roger Sep 8 '17 at 15:09
  • Hello xdd , in the report i have other KPI's that are not using the same hierarchy ,but i ll give it a try.Thank you – Pascal_Roger Sep 8 '17 at 15:12

Considering that your dataset returns something like it:

Country CountryWealth State    StateWealth Person     PersonWealth  
USA     20M$          NY       3M$         Person 1    0,1M$
USA     20M$          NY       3M$         Person 2    0,2M$
USA     20M$          Boston   2M$         Person 3    0,5M$
  1. Create a table with 5 columns and remove the header line
  2. Insert tow new details line
  3. In the first line and first column configure to the Country and Hide Duplicates to true
  4. In the first line and second column configure to the CountryWealth and Hide Duplicates to true
  5. In the second line and second column configure to the State and Hide Duplicates to true
  6. In the second line and third column configure to the StateWealth and Hide Duplicates to true
  7. In the third line and third to the end configure the others values

Order the table to Country, State, person May, you need to add more columns and merge to get your desired lyout

  • Thank you Mauricio , I'll try it. – Pascal_Roger Sep 12 '17 at 10:07

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