I'm just getting started with angular material 2. So i started with <md-form-filed> . I'm trying to use formBuilder inside . Here goes my formBuilder code :

constructor(private _formBuilder : FormBuilder ) { 
    this.loginForm = this._formBuilder.group({
      'email' : [''],
      'password' : ['']

and in my html :

      <form [formGroup]="loginForm" (ngSubmit)='Login(f.value)'>
        <md-form-field >
          <input mdInput [formControl]="loginForm.controls['email']" placeholder='Email' required>

I'm getting this error in my console : md-form-field must contain a MdFormFieldControl. Did you forget to add mdInput to the native input or textarea element?

What am i doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance

  • Never mind guys . I forgot to import MdInputModule . Now its working fine .Sorry to bother you guys . – CruelEngine Sep 9 '17 at 8:13

I had initially not imported MdInputModule . After import {MdInputModule} from '@angular/material , the error stopped.

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