Using the vrep-api-python Python wrapper for the V-REP robot simulator, I am trying - but failing - to load a scene in the the simulator using the wrapped simxLoadScene() function with a server side file:

from pyrep import VRep
from pyrep.vrep.vrep import simxLoadScene
from pyrep.vrep import vrep as v
from pyrep.common import ReturnCommandError

class sceneloader:

    def __init__(self, api: VRep):
        self._api = api
        self._def_op_mode = v.simx_opmode_oneshot_wait
        self.id = api._id

    def loadScene(self,path):
        res = simxLoadScene(clientID, path, 0xFF, self._def_op_mode)

        if res != v.simx_return_ok:
            raise ReturnCommandError(res)

with VRep.connect("", 19997) as api:

But it just throws a server error?

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