Rust's type system doesn't generalize over sizes, but with type associated constants (new in Rust 1.20) I was thinking it may be possible to get some way towards this by declaring a constant size on a type.

Given functions that operate on fixed size arrays in Rust, is it possible/practical to use type constants to declare functions that take arbitrary array sizes or at least a pre-defined range of sizes (1..32) for example.

Take this small maths API for example:

// Cut down example of a math API

// Could be changed at compile time, otherwise quite limiting.
pub const DIMS: usize = 3;

pub fn sq(a: f64) -> f64 { a }

pub fn len_squared_vnvn(v0: &[f64; DIMS], v1: &[f64; DIMS]) -> f64 {
    let mut d = 0.0;
    for j in 0..DIMS {
        d += sq(v0[j] - v1[j]);
    return d;

fn imul_vn_fl(v0: &mut [f64; DIMS], f: f64) {
    for j in 0..DIMS {
        v0[j] *= f;

Could DIMS be moved to a type associated constant so that...

  • Functions such as imul_vn_fl can be used with arbitrary fixed sized arrays.
  • Support for passing primitive fixed size array types, eg: [f64; SOME_CONSTANT_NUMBER] or, more likely, a zero-cost conversion to a type that wraps a [f64; #] and defines the DIMS type constant.
  • Use std::convert::From/Into to avoid having to explicitly write the casts whenever calling.
  • Generated code should be exactly as efficient as if constant sizes were used (no runtime size checks).

I'm imagining something like this:

// this would be a macro to avoid re-writing for every size.
type f64v3 = u64;
impl VectorSize for f64v3 {
    const usize DIMS = 3;
// end macro

fn example() {
    let var: [f64; 3] = [0.0, 1.0, 2.0];
    imul_vn_fl(var, 0.5);

    // ...

The (current?) limitation of associated constants is that they can't be called on generic types. I.e., following your example, with associated constants you can do this:

trait VectorSize {
    const DIMS: usize;

impl VectorSize for u64 {
    const DIMS: usize = 3usize;

fn imul_vn_fl(v0: &mut [f64; u64::DIMS], f: f64) {
    for j in 0..u64::DIMS {
        v0[j] *= f;

but you would ultimately want to be able to make imul_vn_fl generic and have it use the DIMS that is defined on your type. This is where associated constants still fall short (see the first of "shortcomings" in https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/29646)

// this does not compile, unfortunately; T must be a concrete type
fn imul_vn_fl<T>(v0: &mut [f64; T::DIMS], f: f64) 
    for j in 0..T::DIMS {
        v0[j] *= f;


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