I have a spring boot app which uses country wise config files. The structure of the config files is same but values are different for different countries.

I have created a directory for each country in resources directory and placed that country's config file there.

Based on the country code passed in request parameters, I want to use the corresponding config file. What's the spring boot idiomatic way to achieve this (Apart from manually loading the yaml config files using something like snakeyaml)?



You can acheive by creating bean for MessageSource,LocaleResolver and LocaleChangeInterceptor bean and then add LocaleChangeInterceptor to InterceptorRegistry like this:

    public class CountryConfig extends WebMvcConfigurerAdapter{

        public MessageSource messageSource() {
            ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource messageSource = new ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource();
            return messageSource;

        public LocaleResolver localeResolver() {
            SessionLocaleResolver slr = new SessionLocaleResolver();
            return slr;

        public LocaleChangeInterceptor localeChangeInterceptor() {
            LocaleChangeInterceptor lci = new LocaleChangeInterceptor();
            return lci;

        public void addInterceptors(InterceptorRegistry registry) {

And then create a folder-country-conf in resources folder . Inside this folder create properties file which will have your configuration. Ex:

country.properties (Default)

country.name=United states



country.properties is the default properties if no country is sent in parameter and if you send country=fr in parameter then it will look for country_fr.properties file.

Now create a service that will get value from these properties file based on country parameter

public class CountryService {

    private MessageSource messageSource;

    public String getMessage(String code) {
        Locale locale = LocaleContextHolder.getLocale();
        return this.messageSource.getMessage(code, null, locale);

To test this autowire country service

CountryService countryService;

And then call getMessage method


You can use Spring @Profile for each country. See examples and docs.

Spring Profiles provide a way to segregate parts of your application configuration and make it only available in certain environments. Any @Component or @Configuration can be marked with @Profile to limit when it is loaded:

You can add Profile on run time:

AnnotationConfigApplicationContext ctx = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext();
  • As far as I understand, you have to tell spring boot which profile to load at start up (e.g. dev, staging, prod etc.). In my case, it's request based e.g. /getData?countryCode=za, /getData?countryCode=in etc and I have to use appropriate config files (za/config.yaml and in/config.yaml) to serve each request. Is using profiles the right approach for this? – Vikk Sep 10 '17 at 7:01
  • You can add it programmatic: AnnotationConfigApplicationContext ctx = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext(); ctx.getEnvironment().setActiveProfiles("za"); – user7294900 Sep 10 '17 at 7:06

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