There are many question related to this problem and much more answers. None of them works. I have PortableGit and configured to use certificate from specific store. If I specify wrong file path, I get eror: "error setting certificate verify locations: CAfile" As soon as I specify correct path, this error is not shown.

We are using our local CA authority. Local GitHub server is third in certificate chain. I added github server's certificate to certificate store. git clone stil does not work. Where is the problem?


CA store needs all certificates in certificate chain to be present. I added every certificate in certificate chain to certificate store. Note: Global gitconfig is located at "C:\PortableApps\GitPortable\mingw64\etc\gitconfig" (please adjust "C:\PortableApps\GitPortable\" to your system). I added following line to my local gitconfig

sslCAinfo = C:/PortableApps/GitPortable/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt

Local gitconfig is located at



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