I have a JSON object which is a parsed representation of a CSV file. I wanted to display it in a tabular format, so I used ng-repeat twice:

<table class="table left">
    <tr ng-repeat="invoice in invoices track by $index">
      <td ng-repeat="data in invoice track by $index">
        <div class="cell" ng-class="{ 'no-dealer': !isDealer(data) }">{{ data }}</div>

This gets me what I want. However, now based on a specific value (which is a unique code) in the JSON objects, I want to apply the no-dealer class on that specific tr/td (doesn't matter). How can I acheive this.

The data is like this

enter image description here


ng-repeat create a new scope, so for using the functions from parent scope you will have to use it like this - ng-class="{ 'no-dealer': !$parent.$parent.isDealer(data) }"

Two times $parent to reach the main scope of page

  • Thanks! Totally makes sense! But how can I access the dealer code values from the $parent.$parent.isDealer(xxxx) method ? Basically I want to check the dealer code against a set of pre occupied json object and then apply the no-dealer class to that specific tr/td... – Ajay Gupta Sep 11 '17 at 10:55
  • you are already passing the dealer-code to isDealer function as argument here, just make the checks in the function and return a boolean – madhur Sep 11 '17 at 10:57

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