In my Microsoft application registration, under "redirect URLs", I've checked Allow Implicit flow and provided the URL, http://localhost:8080/event.

But I actually have an dynamic event id which makes the URL localhost:8080/event/{eventid}.

So now I'm getting an error:

The reply address http://localhost:8080/student/event/59b67936d53f013a79000009 does not match the reply addresses configured for the application

How can I give a URL that will allow any value after the event in the URL?

  • i was looking for a wild card url that will match all the urls after "localhost:8080/event". – srnd Sep 11 '17 at 15:37
  • Welcome to SO. Please put more care into formatting your question. Please also read the help sections on asking questions. – Maciej Jureczko Sep 11 '17 at 15:43

You cannot use a dynamic URI for OAUTH redirects. Note that this isn't specific to Microsoft's v2 Endpoint, this is the case for every OAUTH provider I've used.

I assume you're looking to redirect the user to a specific event page after they've completed the login?

The proper way to handle that is to use the state parameter. This is a string value and will be returned with the response. For example, you could encode your eventid an include that value in the state. When you get the token response back, you're app decodes the state value and redirects the user.

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